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What Are the Types of Ventilators?

Aug. 08, 2019

There are many brands of ventilators and Hospital Ventilator Machine Exporter. There are also many types of ventilators. We believe that the classification by usage is mainly divided into the following six categories:

1. Emergency ventilator: Also called transport ventilator, dedicated to on-site first aid and transfer of patients.

2. Respiratory therapy ventilator: Long-term ventilation support and respiratory therapy for patients with respiratory insufficiency.

3. Anesthesia Ventilator: dedicated to anesthesia breathing management.

Hospital Ventilator Machine

Hospital Ventilator Machine

4. Pediatric ventilator: dedicated to pediatric and neonatal ventilation support and respiratory therapy.

5. High-frequency ventilator: It has the function of venting frequency >60 times/min.

6. Non-invasive ventilator: ventilation support through a mask or nasal mask.

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