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A top dependable OEM/ODM partner to vaporizer, ventilator,anesthesia machine, round the world, develops its trusted name in contracted manufacturing service globally. Dolphinmed, has its owned machining center, it has 8 sets of CNC machines to provide product construction processing services continuously. At present,we provide construction machining services at home and abroad, it has become the biggest machining center in anesthesia system&ventilator area in China.

At the new period, we are more committed to develop reliable and trustful cooperation partner for the long-term cooperation, and joint-hands to develop the market together. Any cooperation mode could be negotiated.

Our technology strength:
R&D team construction
• 30% of staff proportion of R&D staff 
• Focus on providing the OEM&ODM service solution.

Machining Center:
• Machining center with 8 sets of CNC machines, provide product construction processing services
• Own machining center, convenient to provide mechanical processing services.

Training support:
•Regularly training of product knowledge.
•Technical support & training freely forever.

Quality Process
•International stand production management.
•CE approved products.

Strict Q&C system
•Inspection of spare parts and accessories
•Semi-finished products 
•Final test on finished product

After-sale service
•Timely after-sale service(One hour response, within 48 hours to solve the problem)
•Quality confidence

Production capacity:
•Flow line production,for vaporizers, could provide 1230 sets of  Vaporizers within one month.
for ventilators, could provide 825 sets of ventilators within one month.
for anesthesia machines, could provide 560 sets of anesthesia machines within one month.
•20000 square meters of factory size.

OEM&ODM design ideas:

•The designer is based on the "easy to change, easy to install" idea, flexible plasticity as clients required
•Can develop the separate shell or module as clients require