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Perioperative solutions

Dolphinmedhas been studying perioperative clinical applications for nearly 15 years. Through a large number of clinical applications, and technical research, Dolphinmed perioperative solutions to provide customers with perfect, easy-to-use anesthetic workstation, to solve anesthesia induction, surgery, postoperative resuscitation links of a variety of clinical problems. During the intensive and busy perioperative period, the workload of medical staff was significantly reduced, the probability of error was reduced, and the safety of patients during the operation was protected by electronic means. Dolphiinmedperioperative solutions provide comprehensive anesthetic support, especially in the following areas:

Intubation quality improvement

Anesthesia monitoring

Intraoperative safety control

Perioperative efficiency improvement

Unitl now they focus on the adult anesthesia,pediatric&infant anesthesia,auto anesthesia etc