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Critical illness solutions

In the 21st century, the aging of society, the increasing pressure of population and the constant pursuit of high quality of life make patient care face more and more challenges.the problemis as follows:

a) The resources of the department are tight and the pressure on the medical staff to work is soaring.

b) Medical progress, medical technical requirements for medical personnel are constantly raised

c) The competition of enterprises urges hospitals to consider how to reduce cost and improve the efficiency of hospital operation

DOLPHINMEDICU Solution helps healthcare institutions improve critical care quality, work efficiency, patient satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

Merry has been working on the clinical application of critical care department. Dolphinmed critical care solution focuses on the work focus and workflow of the medical staff of the critical care department, and provides more perfect and efficient medical service for customers from two aspects of patient safety and department efficiency.

In line with the concept of patient-centered service, whether it is life parameter monitoring equipment or life support equipment, Dolphinmedis constantly looking for a more safe and efficient way to solve.

The solution include adult ventilation solution, pediatric&infant ventilator solution, bubble CPAP ventilation solution, Air Compressor solution, Turbine ventilation solution, Auto Ventilation etc.