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Service Policy

Good medical equipment after-sale service is the very important thing that keep the medical equipment better work safely, which is the valve-add service for the hospital supplier to hospitals. The after-sale service we can provide about Anesthesia vaporizer, anesthesia machine and ICU ventilator and and related accessories is as follows:

1、 Our service objective: Dolphinmed will keep the medical equipment work normally and provide the perfect and timely service, constantly and continuously to improve our service quality is our objective.

2、 Our service content: Providing the consulting services of the vaporizer, anesthesia&ventilator system and related medical knowledge
Objective and responsible for the customer to provide the required product
Lifelong mainteanace system
An all-round, multilevel and targeted technical training.( on-site and practical technical training, simple equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance technical training, new technology study at home and abroad studies, equipment maintenance and emergency repair, etc )
Free soft-upgrading service.
10 years spare parts and consumables supply available.
For vaporizer, life-time free calibration service

3、 Service commitment For keep the medical equipment enjoying the all-around service support, Dolphinmed have as following commitment:
For ventilator and anesthesia machine, it is 24 months warranty, anesthesia vaporizer it is five year warranty, flowmeter, bellows, arm, it is one year with lifelong maintenance system since the date of Airway/seaway bill. Free doing email or telephone returning visit regularly, not regular staff review services
All technical issues, after received customer reflect fault, should be a response within 2 hours, 24 hours to give solutions solution.

4、 After-sale management approach For protect the legitimate rights, remove the customers worries, promise to you the following warranty service:

1) Warranty system. 1) Warranty system. For Anesthesia machine, ICU ventilator, medical air compressor, it is two year.
For anesthesia vaporizer, it is five year
For flowmeter, bellows, cagemout bar, selectatec bar, support arm etc, it is one year.
For other consumables products, it is 3 month.
With lifelong maintenance system
For The other losses due to products failure, Dolphinmed will not bear the responsibility, this way will be suitable for all the sold products of Dolphinmed.

2) Warranty counting time: Since the date of Airway/seaway bill.

3) Not belong to the warranty range under following circumstance 1、The purchased product is out of warranty or product is not in the warranty scope
2、 Warranty card is not easy to identify, damaged phenomenon such as tear or altered
3、 The phenomenon not according to the content of the product manual to use, maintain, custody, which result in failure or damage
4、 Improper safekeeping or accidental damage, such as dropping, extruting, soaking, high temperature or sunlight explusure. extrusion of flooding damage such as high exposure
5、 Have the repair, conversion and modifying without at the authorized agencies.
6、 Other event such as natural disasters and other force majeure damage, such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, fire, lightning, war etc.

5、Dolphinmed has the final power of interpretation of this clause