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The Significance of Disinfection of Anesthesia Machine Circuit

Aug. 01, 2019

As an Anesthesia Workstation Manufacturer, let's analyze the significance of anesthesia machine circuit disinfection. Disinfection of the internal circuit of the anesthesia machine can reduce the bacterial content of the anesthesia machine. The anesthesia machine is an important medical device in the general anesthesia process, and its breathing circuit is easily contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms.

At present, most hospitals use disposable items for parts of the anesthesia machine that are in direct contact with the patient, such as spiral tubes, airbags, masks, etc., and insist on one-on-one use and one-use use. However, the metal breathing circuit inside the anesthesia machine is generally not specially treated. Since chemical disinfectants and disinfectants are extremely corrosive to metals and electronic components, the anesthesia machine cannot be directly sterilized and sterilized, thereby causing the circulation loop of the anesthesia machine to be recycled without being fully disinfected. There are more and more pathogenic bacteria colonized in the internal pipeline of the circuit, and it is more and more complicated to cause iatrogenic infection.

ICU Anesthesia Machine

In clinical treatment, the ICU Anesthesia Machine plays an important role, and the stable operation of the anesthesia machine is the basis for ensuring function. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the anesthesia machine to ensure the safe and stable use of the anesthesia machine and to enhance the anesthetic effect in clinical treatment.