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Simple Troubleshooting of the Anesthesia Machine

Aug. 16, 2019

As an Anesthesia Workstation Manufacturer, let's talk about the elimination of simple malfunctions of anesthesia machines.

1. The anesthesia machine has a leaking sound, which may be due to a broken pipe or loose joints, and there are warnings such as Pressure Low, Peak Low, or no warning. In general, when you hear a leak, mainly a leak in a high-pressure part (such as a central gas supply fitting or gas supply to the main switch of the machine), you can check the piping or fittings in the relevant part. Because the leaking part is mainly medical gas (air) and oxygen, if it can not be eliminated in time, it is appropriate to follow the situation on the spot, and then repair or replace the Modern Anesthesia Machine after the patient is finished.

2. When the air bag is lowered during the test, it may be because the breathing circuit is leaking. It is recommended to check the pressure relief valve, re-adjust the position, or replace the pressure relief valve and the breathing air bag set.

ICU Anesthesia Machine

ICU Anesthesia Machine

3. The respirator cannot correctly determine the position of the Bag/Vent switch. The possible cause is that the respirator or carbon dioxide absorber is faulty. It should be changed to manual breathing and contact the maintenance personnel for maintenance.

4. There is a large amount of air leakage in the breathing circuit (manual mode). The possible reason is that the manual ball is not connected properly, or the sodium-lime absorption tank is not properly installed. It is recommended to confirm that the manual ball connection is properly connected or reinstall the sodium-lime absorption tank.

5. The power supply often loses power when the power is off. The possible reason is that the load connected to the power output device is too large. It is recommended to check whether the power output device is short-circuited or used in a distributed outlet.

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