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Do you Know How long the Mask of the Ventilator Can Last?

Aug. 23, 2019

As an Anesthesia Gas Machine Manufacturer, let's talk to you about how long the ventilator's mask can last.

1. The role of the mask

Connect the ventilator and the air enters the upper airway. The mask is directly in contact with the human skin. It is connected to the ventilator through a pipeline. The air pressurized by the ventilator main body enters the mask through the pipeline, and then enters our nasal cavity or oral cavity. The single-level automatic breathing opportunity is based on the pressure in the airway automatically adjusts the output pressure of the machine to keep the airway open.

The role of the mask is to create a closed system that ensures that the pressure reaches the upper airway accurately. If the mask leaks or is damaged, it will cause the machine monitoring pressure to be inaccurate and directly affect the treatment effect. Masks are very critical in the treatment of ventilators.

2. Mask structure and materials

At present, the types of masks are mainly divided into three categories: nasal mask, nose and nose mask, and nasal pillow. The structure of the mask is mainly composed of a frame, a silicone, and a headband.

Hospital Ventilator Machine

Hospital Ventilator Machine

3. How to make the mask last longer

The main part of the Hospital Ventilator Machine's mask is the silicone part: this part of the material is very "fine", we generally recommend that patients clean this part as much as possible every day, and to be as rare as possible. Keeping it clean and hygienic can effectively extend the use of the mask;

The headband of the mask is not suitable for frequent cleaning, which may lead to a decrease in the Velcro effect and tight aging of the headband. You can wash your hair more often, which is also conducive to the clean and tidy headband. The main part of the frame is to avoid external forces and prevent crushing deformation. Usually, this part is the most durable. When some masks are updated, the lower frame can be kept only updated on the silicone and headband. Normal cleaning and maintenance of the mask is no problem for 2 years.

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