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Why use Modern Anesthesia Machine?

Sep. 04, 2019

In fact, the invention of Modern Anesthesia Machine is related to the initial use of respiratory management and the use of anesthetics (inhalation anesthetics) during anesthesia. In 1847, JohnShow used the inhaler for the first time to use diethyl ether for tooth extraction. This is the first application of an anesthetic to patients. Due to the flammability of ether, there is an urgent need for a reliable method to use ether, 1877 water bottle ether. Inhalers were invented, the ancestors of oxygen inhalers. Later, with the large-scale use of chloroform, the positive pressure mechanical ventilator began to be used for anesthesia in 1912. After the 1960s, with the maturity of computer technology information, the most common anesthesia machine appeared.

ICU Anesthesia Machine

ICU Anesthesia Machine

1. Clinically, no matter what kind of anesthesia method is used, it is inseparable from the Hospital Anesthesia Machine. It can be said that the anesthesia machine is a "life-saving machine" for anesthesia and surgery patients, and it is important equipment and tool for anesthesiologists;

2. The anesthesia machine is designed for general anesthesia patients and is mainly used for general anesthesia patients, but non-general anesthesia patients must also have an anesthesia machine to perform anesthesia. Because any anesthesia method may cause respiratory depression or stop, or even cardiac arrest, it is necessary to have an anesthesia machine around the anesthesia patient in order to provide auxiliary breathing or mechanical ventilation support to ensure the safety of the patient, that is, the anesthesiologist should Ensure that there is a functioning anesthesia machine on site;

3. Usually, patients undergoing general anesthesia surgery set the respiratory rate, aspiration ratio and ventilation of the anesthesia machine according to their weight and systemic condition. The ICU Anesthesia Machine must be manipulated by humans. It is essential that the application is safe. Therefore, be familiar with the performance of the anesthesia machine before use, and check and test before the operation. The clinically frequent adverse events caused by the anesthesia machine occur.