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Start-up Procedure for Anesthesia Machine

May. 03, 2019

1. According to the actual situation of the patient, the anesthesiologist should adjust various parameters such as flow rate, tidal volume, respiratory rate, breathing ratio, and upper and lower limit alarm values, and then switch the manual/machine control switch on the gas controller to the machine control position. Use the rapid oxygenation to raise the respiratory bladder inside the plexiglass cover to the top, connect the simulated lungs, and start the ventilator for trial operation. Observe whether the ventilator works normally and whether the detected data is accurate. If it is correct, the ventilator can be turned off and the ICU Anesthesia Machine is in the standby state.

Hospital Anesthesia Ventilator

2. When using, the pipeline is connected to the patient, the ventilator is turned on, the evaporation canister is opened, and the patient is anesthetized.

3. During the anesthesia process, pay attention to the observation data obtained in the anesthesia monitor and adjust the parameters as necessary.

4. Turn off the ventilator and evaporative canister switch after anesthesia is over. If there is a follow-up procedure, replace the sterilized patient breathing circuit and keep the Hospital Anesthesia Ventilator in standby. If there is no follow-up surgery, turn off the main power switch and air supply switch.