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How to Deal with the Power Failure of the Anesthesia Machine?

May. 06, 2019

Fault phenomenon

(1) Insert the power supply AC power, press the on indicator light does not light, the anesthesia machine only depends on the battery at work, the fault remains after changing the socket.

(2) The Modern Anesthesia Machine suddenly interrupts the power supply during use. After replacing the power outlet, the fault does not change.

(3) The anesthesia machine suddenly produces a burnt smell of rubber and plastic materials during work.

(4) When the anesthesia machine is working, the display suddenly has a black screen.

China Anesthesia Workstation

Judgment and processing

(1) There is no power supply to the socket during the operation. You should immediately check the operation of other power supplies and see if the power supply trips.

(2) If the power supply of the anesthesia machine in use is interrupted, check whether the plug is loose or too loose and the contact is poor. If the above problem does not exist, you can check the fuse of the anesthesia machine to see if it is black or burnt. For some blown graves, you can't just look at the appearance. Use your finger to tap and check, because some seemingly intact fuses are broken, causing illusions.

(3) If it is determined that the burnt smell comes from the anesthesia machine, immediately unplug the power supply, replace the anesthesia machine in the environment of manual breathing, and then ask the professional engineer for maintenance.

(4) When the China Anesthesia Workstation is working, the display suddenly turns black and the other power supplies of the machine are normal. It can be considered that there is a problem with an integrated electronic block of the display integrated circuit, and the manufacturer should be repaired.