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Daily Maintenance And Care Of The Hospital Ventilator Machine

Mar. 15, 2019

In order to ensure that the Medical Ventilator Machine is in high-quality operation state, it must be regularly maintained and maintained regularly, and the performance of the equipment and its possible problems should be discovered in time to minimize or avoid the poor health of the operators and patients. Impact, reducing equipment failure rates to a minimum.

Hospital Ventilator Machine routine maintenance and maintenance should:

1 Always check whether the instrument switch, button, button, power cord, and pipe connection are intact.

2 Connect the gas power supply, start to check whether the air tightness, flow sensor, oxygen sensor, etc. are normal;

3 Regularly clean the fan filter every month to replace the bacteria filter and oxygen sensor; the alarm function checks whether the operation is normal every month;

4 Perform the necessary performance and electrical safety tests and calibrate and adjust according to the requirements of the manual so that the technical indicators meet the standard requirements.

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