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What Is The Difference Between Ventilator And Anesthesia Machine?

Mar. 13, 2019

The Treatment Ventilator is used to help or replace the patient's respiratory function, completing the process of inhalation and exhalation. Because the breathing is long-lasting, the safety of the ventilator is higher, unattended, and the self-test is relatively high. And the ventilation mode is also more.

 Treatment Ventilator

The Medical Anesthesia Machine should be an anesthetic ventilator accurately, because in a sense, it is also a ventilator, and it can also help patients complete the function of inhaling and exhaling. However, since the anesthesia machine is only used during the operation, there is a doctor on the side, so it does not require a particularly high unattended and self-checking safety. This characteristic determines the structure and ventilation mode of the anesthesia machine. It is simpler than a ventilator, but the anesthesia machine adds the function of volatilization and delivery of anesthetics.

Medical Anesthesia Machine