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What If The Tidal Volume Of The Anesthesia Ventilator Is Not Accurate?

Mar. 07, 2019

Sometimes the Hospital Anesthesia Ventilator finds that the screen display data is not the same as the ventilator cover tidal volume scale. Don't be surprised by this phenomenon. Because any electronic display and mechanical work will produce a time difference. This phenomenon is obvious after the electronic components are aging and damp. In addition, the accumulation of moisture and soda lime in the breathing circuit accumulates on the surface of the flow sensor, which can result in inaccurate sensor measurements.

Shortly after the rapid inflation of the Medical Anesthesia Ventilator, the ventilator's breathing sac was not up to standard. There was always a leak. This phenomenon may be related to the leakage of the breathing circuit or the escape of the tracheal tube at the patient's connection site. It may also be the damage of the ventilator's respiratory sac and the loosening of the respiratory sac in the fixed ventilator.

Judgment and processing:

(1) Test with a tidal gauge or proofread by a professional engineer to check if the electronic components are aging. If the dust or water vapor causes the sensor data to not work properly. You can remove the sensor. Pour off the water. Wipe off the dust without damaging the sensor.

(2) After the anesthesia ventilator is inflated quickly. Whoever does not meet the standard of breathing, this phenomenon appears in the clinic. Most of it is caused by the leakage of the breathing circuit of the patient connected to the anesthesia machine or the small amount of inflation and damage of the tracheal tube airbag. First, the above sections should be checked. Replace if necessary. There is a problem with suspected built-in breathing capsules. Professional engineers should be notified to repair. To prevent such incidents from happening. The anesthesiologist should perform a rigorous examination of the anesthesia machine prior to anesthesia.

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