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What Is The Working Principle Of Anesthesia Ventilator?

Jan. 16, 2019

Anesthesia Ventilator is mainly used to output anesthetic gas, so that the patient is under anesthesia for surgery. Therefore, the gas supply device must first be provided with O2, air or N2O. In the past, compressed O2 or air stored in a gas cylinder and N2O in a liquid state were mostly supplied. Most of the major hospitals in the city today have a central gas supply system to provide the above three gases. Applications in clinical anesthesia require depressurization to ensure constant low pressure and safety. Usually the pressure is reduced to 3kg/cm2, and the input of the anesthesia machine to the breathing loop requires the flowmeter to reduce the airflow to the milliliters per minute for the patient. Since the one-way valve is arranged in the loop, the inhaled or exhaled gas is operated in a certain direction, and a soda lime tank is arranged between the breathing loops. Therefore, normal breathing can be performed in the loop of the anesthesia machine, and oxygen or anesthetic gas is inhaled, and the CO2 in the exhaled gas is absorbed when flowing through the sodium lime tank.

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