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These Concepts Of Anesthesia Machine Must Be Clear

Jan. 21, 2019

The ICU Anesthesia Ventilator Machine mainly comprises a gas supply device, an evaporator, a breathing circuit, a carbon dioxide absorption device, an anesthesia ventilator, an anesthetic exhaust gas removal system and the like.

1. Gas supply device

This part mainly consists of air source, pressure gauge and pressure reducing valve, flow meter and proportioning system. Evaporator An evaporator is a device that converts a liquid volatile anesthetic into steam and enters an anesthetic loop in a certain amount.

2. Breathing circuit

The breathing circuit is divided into 4 categories, and the Open Anesthesia Machine makes the exhaled gas completely inhaled. The most commonly used clinically is the circulation loop system, which is the CO2 absorption system.

3. Carbon dioxide absorption device  

The absorbents are soda lime and calcium lime, as well as slaked lime, which is rare. Because of the difference in the indicator, the color change is different after absorbing CO2. The sodium lime used in the department is granular, and its indicator is phenolphthalein. It is colorless when fresh and becomes pink after depletion.

4. Exhaust gas removal system.

As the name suggests, it is to treat the exhaust gas to prevent contamination of the operating room. Note that the exhaust pipe cannot be blocked, otherwise the gas will be forced into the patient's lungs.

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