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What is an Anesthesia Workstation?

May. 21, 2019

Anesthesia Workstation combines ventilation support, monitoring and information processing. It is a perfect combination of modern anesthesia machine and microelectronics technology and computer. It is a highly integrated, integrated and intelligent anesthesia work platform, and provides advanced monitoring instruments and The operation interface creates an excellent working environment for the anesthesiologist and improves the safety of the patient.

Anesthesia Workstation

As technology continues to evolve, the concept of an anesthesia workstation is constantly being updated as an Anesthesia Workstation Manufacturer. Today's anesthesia workstations are not just a combination of anesthesia machines, monitors, and anesthesia information management systems. The intravenous anesthesia management system, imaging information, and anesthesiologist decision-making systems are also beginning to become part of the anesthesia workstation. Through the anesthesia workstation, it can effectively reduce the size of the equipment, reduce cable entanglement, unify the user interface, reduce redundant alarms, facilitate data export, greatly reduce the anesthesia accident caused by user misoperation, and improve patient anesthesia safety. Therefore, the anesthesia workstation is an important development direction for future anesthesia machines.