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How To Do A Safety Check Before Using The Anesthesia Machine?

May. 24, 2019

The anesthesia machine (including the respirator) to be used should be thoroughly inspected before anesthesia to ensure safety. As an Anesthesia Gas Machine Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations.

1. Observe the anesthesia machine as a whole and inspect the electrical equipment.

2. Check the oxygen source, test the flow meter, and note that the air supply should have sufficient pressure.

3. Verify the functional status of the guiding flap.

4. Check if the anesthesia machine ventilation system is leaking, and whether the breathing tube and the connection joint are suitable for use.

5. Test the exhaust sensitive condition of the outgassing valve and the exhaust gas removal system. If necessary, connect the exhaust gas adsorber.

6. Check the performance of the soda lime in the CO2 absorption tank.

7. Test the ventilator for leaks and ventilator tubing and respirator size.

8. Preset the high and low alarm thresholds of various monitoring devices (such as airway pressure, tidal volume, frequency, etc.).

9. The advanced and high-end Portable Anesthesia Machine should be commissioned after the power-on self-test.

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