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What is the purpose of the Hospital Ventilator Machine?

Nov. 20, 2019

What is the purpose of the Hospital Ventilator Machine?

1. Hospital Ventilator Machine's role: to replace and improve external breathing, reduce breathing work, improve ventilation.

2. Indications for medical ventilators: respiratory insufficiency, respiratory failure; alternative treatment for irreversible damage such as respiratory muscles and nerves; respiratory support for critically ill patients; intraoperative and postoperative patients. The side effect of using a ventilator is that if it is used for a long time, there will be signs of dryness. When using it, the airway should be moistened frequently, that is, the cannula is separated by normal saline, and after use, there is very little spontaneous breathing. To self-adjust for a period of time, I feel a little too bad to gasp, don't be nervous, the general hospital will slowly reduce the left and right of the ventilator, and wait for the patient to feel spontaneously breathing and then remove the ventilator.

Application of ventilator in the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing and complicated heart failure

In order to achieve the purpose of comfort, synchronization, sleep improvement and improvement of arterial blood gas after treatment with a medical ventilator, it is recommended that the patient should use at least 1-2 hours during the day, so that the breathing parameters can be achieved and maintained at the desired level, which is beneficial to the nighttime. application.

The pressure support ventilation starts to set the suction pressure at 10 cm water column, increasing the inspiratory volume to about 10 cm per kg body weight, such as PaCO2 drop, indicating that the auxiliary ventilation treatment is effective.

The pressure support level can be gradually increased if needed, but rarely exceeds 20 cm HO2. The pressure is too high and the patient cannot tolerate it. The positive end-expiratory pressure is usually set at 2-4 cm H2O. Generally no more than 4-6cmH2O.

Hospital Ventilator Machine

Hospital Ventilator Machine

The treatment of the Treatment Ventilator is based on oxygen saturation and exhaled carbon dioxide monitoring. If the oxygen does not reach the physiological level, the oxygen supply can be increased in the ventilator's pipeline. The application of the ventilator should pay attention to the comprehensive evaluation of the treatment effect and follow-up of the patient. Including the symptoms of hypoventilation, arterial blood oxygen changes, follow-up at least 1-2 times a year, in order to adjust the ventilator parameters in a timely manner, especially when the underlying disease has progressed, it is necessary to adjust the ventilator parameters in a timely manner.

Taking a nap during the day should also encourage patients to use a medical ventilator, apply pressure-supported ventilation during waking up during the day, or similarly apply continuous pressure support therapy at night.

Is it useful to use a ventilator?

The preferred treatment for apnea syndrome is: non-invasive continuous positive pressure ventilation. Is to bring a medical ventilator to go home, when you sleep, bring a mask or a nose and mouth mask, connect to the medical ventilator through the catheter to sleep, the body breathing air will be pressurized into the body through the medical ventilator By maintaining continuous airway ventilation, the airway is kept smooth, and the purpose of improving and treating sleep apnea syndrome is achieved. Our company is Hospital Ventilator Machine Exporter, welcome to come to us.