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Anesthesia machines shouldn't just make an appearance

Nov. 27, 2019

As the key equipment of the operating room, the shape and function of the anesthesia machine control whether the operation of the anesthesiologist is appropriate for the daily operation of the anesthesiologist, which is related to whether the operation is successfully completed.

In the design of modern anesthesia machines, few professional anesthesiologists and medical staff feel convenient to operate. Of course, it is better to import famous brand anesthesia machines in this respect, but it is not to say that all imported anesthesia brand designs are reasonable. But in terms of the types of machine functions and the improvement of the control software, it is much better than the domestic anesthesia machine brands

Hospital Ventilator Machine

Anesthesia Machine

Hospital Ventilator Machine production history also has about 20 years. However, with the market competition and the advancement of domestic technology, most domestic anesthesia machine manufacturers have not achieved qualitative changes in equipment functions, but have large changes in appearance Make a fuss. The shape and width are pursued, but the reason for the height and width is ignored. The volume of the anesthesia machine should be increased due to the need for complete functions, such as life multi-parameter monitoring, anesthesia depth monitoring, anesthesia gas detection, and information transmission. Large screens are required to be displayed on the same screen or even multiple screens. The integration of the bellows component into the host also allows anesthesia The machine becomes wider, but these functions come at the expense of operating room space. Without these functions, it does not make sense to make the anesthesia machine larger and wider, which is not conducive to space utilization. It is said that if the anesthesia machine is positioned in a simple and practical type, a compact body design will be better.

Most of the low-end anesthesia machine display screens are embedded in the machine, the fixed position of the bellows components, etc. have restricted the placement of the equipment and are not conducive to the operator's observation of the working condition of the anesthesia machine and the operation of the patient. These designs are caused by the manufacturer's inadequate consideration of man-machine dialogue when using the anesthesia machine or because of cost. Therefore, domestic anesthesia machines still have a lot of room for improvement in details.

As an Anesthesia Workstation Manufacturer, let me tell you about the operating specifications of the anesthesia machine.

The functions of different models of anesthesia machines are very different, so the operation methods and precautions are also different, so the anesthesia machine should be operated strictly in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If it is not operated according to technical requirements, it will affect the stability of the device, cause some components of the anesthesia machine to be damaged prematurely, and affect the function of the anesthesia machine. In the clinical application of the anesthesia machine, the operator usually only pays attention to the inspection of the ventilation circuit, but is negligent in checking the leakage of the bellows which is closely related to mechanical ventilation. Some operators did not remove the oxygen battery in time after the anesthesia machine was used. have negative impacts. These incorrect operation methods will affect the stable operation of the anesthesia machine, and in serious cases will threaten the life of the patient. In order to ensure that all types of anesthesia machines can achieve standardized operation, the anesthesia machine must be managed by a special person. Our company also has Anesthesia Vaporizer on sale, welcome to consult.