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What is the Principle of an Anesthesia Machine?

Jun. 22, 2019

Medical Anaesthesia Vaporizer firstly reduces the high-pressure gas (air, oxygen, nitrous oxide, etc.) through a pressure-reducing valve to collateral and stable gas. The flow meter adjusts to produce a certain amount of gas for the anesthesia machine; the anesthetic is volatilized. After the canister is converted to anesthetic vapor, the required amount of anesthetic vapor is adjusted for use by the surgeon. The proportion of oxygen or air filled with anesthetic steam, using the negative suction pressure generated by the human body, the gas is inhaled into the lungs and exchanged into the human body, and is transported to various organs of the human body through the blood circulation, so that the organs temporarily lose consciousness and each time within a certain period of time. Reflexes to achieve anesthesia purposes.

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Medical Anaesthesia Vaporizer