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Composition of Anesthesia Machine

Jun. 02, 2019

Traditionally, the Modern Anesthesia Machine is divided into three parts:

1. It is the anesthesia machine itself (including gas supply and delivery system, anesthesia evaporator, anesthesia ventilation system, safety detection system and residual gas removal system), which is a so-called fresh gas that supplies anesthetic gas and oxygen. This is a very traditional part. Most of the anesthesia machines on the market today are similar.

2. It is the monitoring part of gas monitoring (breathing gas monitoring, anesthetic gas analysis) and patient monitoring (electrocardiogram, brain electrical monitoring, blood oxygen concentration monitoring, hemodynamic monitoring, muscle relaxation monitoring), which is at least presently complete. It is a separate part that can be integrated with the anesthesia machine or it can be completely independent.

Modern Anesthesia Machine

3. The impact on the performance of the anesthesia machine is its ventilator and circuit part (most of the more commonly used ventilators are operated by the inner and outer double-loop airways of the airbag (folding bellows), the airflow and disease of the inner ring Qilu The airway is connected, and the airflow in the outer ring Qilu is mainly used to squeeze the air bag or the bellows, and press the fresh air in the air bag or the bellows into the alveoli of the patient, so as to awaken the gas exchange, also called the driving steam. Because it is not connected with the patient's airway. Available with compressed oxygen or compressed air.)

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