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Does Poor Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

Apr. 19, 2021

As an Air Compressor ICU Ventilator Exporter, share with you.

Because middle-aged people seldom go to exercise and other reasons, their bodies are beginning to feel blessed. Although their belly is called "general belly", this burden is quite annoying. There are many factors for middle-aged people's happiness, of which poor sleep is an important reason. In the high-speed information age of society, under the dual pressure of life and work, middle-aged people cannot get good sleep at all. The decline in sleep quality leads to disorders of human endocrine, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other diseases, plus Middle-aged people generally lack exercise, so their bodies begin to lose shape.

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The key to determining a person's sleep quality is the deep sleep stage. The shorter the deep sleep time, the less the hormone secretion that determines the growth of the human body, and the body is likely to be out of shape. To a certain extent, the "General's belly" is also caused by lack of sleep.

So, how to effectively improve sleep and extend the time of deep sleep?

Middle-aged friends who love insomnia can do some appropriate activities before going to bed to increase body temperature and achieve good sleep. For example, jogging, doing exercises, Tai Chi and walking are all ways to raise your body temperature. Take a warm bath with a suitable temperature. In this way, your sleep quality should be improved.

After sleeping well, the "general belly" is expected to be controlled and reduced.

People with sleep apnea syndrome, due to poor sleep quality at night and lack of deep sleep, cause severe hypoxia in the body, which leads to disorders of the endocrine system and inability to normal metabolism, causing the body to become fatter and fatter. Use sleep ventilator at night to improve the quality of sleep Now that the endocrine system is working normally, you can lose weight

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