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Can An Anesthesia Ventilator Replace a Dedicated Ventilator?

Apr. 30, 2021

As an Air compressor ICU Ventilator Exporter, share with you.

After the epidemic broke out again in March this year, the demand for ventilators increased significantly. Facing the huge demand from abroad, the production capacity of domestic ventilator manufacturers reached saturation for a time and still could not meet the strong demand. So many people pay attention to the anesthesia machine. The anesthesia machine is also equipped with a ventilator and the breathing mode is roughly the same as that of the ventilator. Can the anesthesia machine be used instead of the ventilator? Let's take a look at the differences and commonalities between the two:

ICU Ventilator

ICU Ventilator

1. Breathing mode

This should be the first difference that everyone thinks of. Generally, breathing is divided into spontaneous breathing, assisted breathing and controlled breathing. Because muscle relaxants are used in anesthesia machines, almost all control breathing modes, and breathing. The main mode of the machine is assisted and spontaneous breathing. Fortunately, most mid-to-high-end anesthesia machines are equipped with the SIMV mode. The breathing mode of the anesthesia machine has been used in clinical anesthesia for many years. Even if it does not, it can be upgraded to the breathing mode through software addition. Of course, due to the difference in the internal gas circuits of the two machines, it is difficult for the anesthesia machine to fully achieve all the functions of the ventilator.

2. Humidifier

The humidifier is a more obvious mark of the ventilator, and the pipe consumables are also different. Due to the short duration of most operations, most anesthesia machines are not equipped with a humidifier, but instead use artificial nose moisturizing. The humidifier is generally placed between the inhalation valve and the patient. The exhaled gas is condensed and stored in the water cup on the expiratory line. The carbon dioxide absorbent is located upstream of the humidifier, and only passes through soda lime during inhalation, so the humidifier does not Will cause greater loss of absorbent.

3. Fresh air flow adjustment

The ventilator is an open circuit, all exhaled air is excreted; the anesthesia machine is a semi-closed circuit, some of the gas will be reabsorbed, the lower reading of the bellows is the amount of reinhaled gas (in fact, the exhaled air is mixed with fresh air) ). Since the carbon dioxide in the heavy inhalation gas will be absorbed by soda lime, it is recommended to increase the flow of fresh air to reduce the heavy inhalation gas in actual use, thereby reducing the rate of soda lime consumption. It is speculated that the use of an anesthesia machine may save oxygen more than a ventilator.

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