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Modern Anesthesia Machines Are Moving Towards Intelligent, Integrated Systems

Feb. 27, 2019

Modern Anesthesia Machines are developing towards intelligent and integrated systems. The components are coordinated, flexible and reliable. The structure is compact and reasonable. The interface is clear and friendly, and the operation is convenient and fast. Electronically controlled gas delivery system, built-in electronically controlled anesthesia ventilator, integrated breathing circuit, integrated gas monitoring system, high and low micro-flow anesthesia is the best combination of modern anesthesia machine.

A new generation of Anesthesia Workstations will be integrated into the entire medical system to network, communicate, define, adjust anesthesia procedures and records with hospital equipment, assess anesthesia, improve patient care, and create a good working atmosphere for clinicians. According to the structural principle of modern anesthesia machine, it can be divided into: gas supply and delivery system, anesthetic gas volatilization tank, breathing circuit, anesthesia breathing machine, safety monitoring system and residual gas removal system.

Anesthesia Machine (Model:DA1000)