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Maintenance Requirements For Modern Anesthesia Machine

Apr. 20, 2019

As a Portable Anesthesia Machine Supplier, we have the following recommendations for the maintenance of anesthesia machines.

1. After the end of the daily operation, the flow sensor module and the patient's breathing circuit must be removed for maintenance. It is recommended to use a high temperature and high pressure method to disinfect the silicone suction line.

2. Wipe the dirt on each surface of the main unit with a neutral detergent.

3. Use as many flow sensors as possible, alternate between different patients or long-term surgery to extend the life of the sensor. The flow sensor needs to be dried using a low oxygen flow of pure oxygen to keep it dry. If the water is still not working properly after removing the water, and the flow sensor is replaced, the original flow sensor is scrapped.

4. Regularly check that the various detection and alarm functions of the Modern Anesthesia Machine work effectively.

5. When disinfecting indoors, be sure to keep the Modern Anesthesia Machine away from direct UV rays and prevent the aging of accessories such as accelerating pipes.

6. The battery built in the main ventilator is fully charged and discharged once a month and recharged to maintain the good performance of the battery.

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