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What Is The Purpose Of The Hospital Ventilator Machine?

Feb. 19, 2019

Specific use of Adult ICU Ventilator:

1. The role of the ventilator: replace and improve external breathing, reduce breathing work, improve ventilation.

2. Indications for ventilators: respiratory insufficiency, respiratory failure; alternative treatment for irreversible damage such as respiratory muscles and nerves; respiratory support for critically ill patients; intraoperative and postoperative patients. The side effect of using Hospital Ventilator Machine is: for long-term use, there will be signs of dryness. When using, the airway should be moistened frequently, that is, the cannula is separated by normal saline, and after use, there is very little spontaneous breathing. You may have to adjust yourself for a period of time. It feels a bit too bad to gasp. Don't be nervous. Generally, the hospital will slowly lower the left and right of the ventilator. When the patient feels that he is breathing spontaneously, he will remove the ventilator.

What Is The Purpose Of The Hospital Ventilator Machine?cid=32