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Dolphinmed Anesthesia Vaporizer Dvapo200Plus

Apr. 05, 2024

Dolphinmed deliver high quality anesthesia vaporizer with latest innovative design, deliver accurate concentrations under varying conditions of variable flowrate, pressure, temperature


●Delivery accurate concentrations in various complex situations based on the advanced temperature, flow and pressure compensation,

●The biggest vaporizer producer in China, supply to anesthesia machine manufactuer at domestic and abroad.

●Adopts well selected high precision and super clean monobloc copper alloy, processes the tested structure pieces by numerical control, processed by fine treatment, rubbing, matching, rinsing and disinfection, complied with the highest industrial processing standard---Food Grade Standard 

●Gas filtration system adopts agglomeration copper, ensuring to supply clean gas to the patient and securing the patients safety to the maximum  

●The internal key parts use imported materials with good air tightness. 

●The big view window is convenient to observe drug usage levels.

●Provide a reliable and safe solution in filler types and mounting types.

●Designed sophisticated and produced strictly confirming to test standards;every vaporizer apply to international standard ISO8835-4.

●Made by special high tech materials, which prove the vaporizer anti-corrosion from agent. Special rubber gaskets ,it can make sure agent leak-proofness and corrosion-resistant.

●Safety locking device to prevent the anesthetic gas volatile accidentally

●No need for regular maintenance to Dvapo vaporizer

Stability & Safety:

Dvapo200Plus vaporizer easily provides the high dosage concentration required to achieve the shortest possible wash-intimes during induction.

Moreover, the unmatched dynamism of its flow and concentration ranges means the Dvapo200Plus vaporizer effortlesslycomplies with the demands of a minimal flow regime.

The extended temperature range of 15°C - 35°C ensures the accuracy of concentration can be satisfacto rily controlledeven during extreme operating conditions. Increased capacity of the anesthetic agent tank(300ml) can now hold theentire content of an anesthetic agent bottle, leaving no waste and thereby saving your cost.

Easy-fil. Key-fil, Quik-fil (SEV only) filler is designed to simplify agent filling and help minimize agent leaks while filling.

Anesthesia Vaporizer (MODEL: Dvapo200plus)

Flowrate(L/min oxygen) Flowrate influences at 20±3°C with oxygen flowingAnesthesia Vaporizer (MODEL: Dvapo200plus)Temperature°C Temperature influences 5L/min with oxygen flow


Dvapo200Plus vaporizer meet the different agent requirement: Enflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane, Sevoflurane. 


Dvapo200Plus vaporizer can provide several mounting types

Mounting type:

Selectatec compatible

Draeger plug-in



Concentration range:

Enflurane 0.2-5%

Isoflurane 0.2-5%

Halothane 0.2-5%

Sevoflurane 0.2-8%

Filler Type:



Pour fil



Quik fil (SEV only)


Filling volume for agent:

About 340 ml with dry wick

About 300 ml with moist wick