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What are the main advantages of using the Medical Multifunctional Anesthesia Machine?

Jan. 02, 2020

When the hospital is performing surgery, it needs some medical equipment to complete the operation. Among them, the Medical Multifunctional Anesthesia Machine plays a very important role in it, because the patient needs anesthesia during the operation, otherwise the pain may affect the doctor's performance level. At present, there are many manufacturers selling anesthesia machines on the market, which creates a certain selection problem for hospitals. In fact, it is a good choice to buy domestic anesthesia machine manufacturers. Let's take a closer look at it.

Medical Multifunctional Anesthesia Machine

Medical Multifunctional Anesthesia Machine

The domestic anesthesia machine is more human-friendly, and the color LCD screen allows the surgeon to have a detailed understanding of the patient's current situation. Secondly, the operation combination of the buttons and the jog dial also makes the operation more convenient. More importantly, the design of the intelligent alarm makes the entire operation safer and more secure.

In addition, the monitoring function of the domestic anesthesia machine is particularly powerful, which ensures that medical workers can more fully understand the changes in the patient's condition. At the same time, according to the change of the patient's condition, a plan more suitable for the patient's condition can be formulated. In addition, the equipment adopts pneumatic and electrical control methods to make it have a variety of ventilation modes, which reduces the workload for medical staff to a certain extent.

Daily management of anesthesia machine

Strengthening the daily management can eliminate the hidden dangers of the anesthesia machine in time, ensure the equipment to achieve the best results, improve the reliability of the equipment, reduce the failure rate of the equipment, ensure that the equipment is intact, and keep the anesthesia machine in a good state for a long time. Function during rescue. Strengthening the daily maintenance of the anesthesia machine can ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment. In the routine maintenance of the anesthesia machine, the technicians must ensure the safety of electricity use. For the key components of the anesthesia machine, such as sensors, flaps, probes, rubber rings, soda-lime base and other parts, pay attention to keeping clean. Missing items need to be addressed in a timely manner. The anesthesia machine's artificial circuit and mechanical ventilation circuit should be regularly tested for leaks, the accuracy of the flow sensor should be checked, the oxygen concentration and carbon dioxide concentration of the monitor must be set accurately, and the quality of the gas source must be guaranteed. After the equipment is repaired, the functionality of the anesthesia machine should be checked to ensure that various technical indicators meet the requirements.

As a Medical Anesthesia Manufacturer, I would like to share with you that the anesthesia machine is a relatively professional machine. In most pet hospitals without an anesthesiologist, it should be as simple as possible in terms of operation. However, the more functions of the anesthesia machine, the more professional knowledge is required to use it. Therefore, when choosing an animal anesthesia machine, the pet hospital should strengthen the learning and understanding of the use of anesthesia machine, so as to maximize the use of anesthesia. The purpose of the machine is to make the operation safer and smoother. It is not to make the operation more complicated. Do not turn the machine into a tool for pet hospitals to charge. Our company also has Medical Air Compressor on sale, welcome to consult.