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How to Increase the Service Life of the Ventilator?

Oct. 19, 2020

As a Hospital Ventilator Machine Manufacturer, share with you. The ventilator is the leading figure in the contemporary ventilator industry. Since the ventilator can occupy the top of the ventilator industry, it is excellent in every aspect, and the natural price is also very high.

Anti-COVID 2019 Star Ventilator

Anti-COVID 2019 Star Ventilator

When people buy a ventilator, they must also consider the price of it, but people still choose to continue to buy it without hesitation. This is precisely because people pay more attention to their role in treatment, but people cannot let themselves spend the money. Money can easily turn around. Extending the life of the ventilator is also a persistent "task" for everyone. So how to increase the life of the ventilator?

First of all, in terms of installing the ventilator, you must install it strictly according to the content printed on the manual on the ventilator. You can't let yourself play it on the spot, it is easy to destroy the device, not only did not achieve the purpose of extending the use period, but also added the retirement of the device. Secondly, in terms of use, everyone must follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the ventilator carefully. After using it, remember to turn off the power switch of the ventilator. Long-term power will shorten the life of the ventilator. Finally, in terms of cleaning after use, everyone must clean once every other time. Do not use for a long time without cleaning, it will breed a lot of bacteria, which is more harmful to the human body, and it is also harmful to the instrument. Only use clean water when cleaning. Rinse slowly, or soak in a special cleaning liquid, and then dry it.

The most important way to extend the ventilator is that the user should cherish it by himself, otherwise the thoughtful maintenance method will not stop its retirement.

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