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How Does The Ventilator Work?

May. 09, 2019

Any ventilator works on the pressure difference of the gas. As a Hospital Ventilator Machine Manufacturer, we believe that the general ventilator works in two ways.

1. The positive airway ventilator increases the gas pressure and connects with the patient's respiratory cannula through the pipeline. The gas flows directly to the alveoli through the airway and bronchus. At this time, it is the inhalation period; when exhaling, the ventilator pipeline communicates with the atmosphere. When the alveoli are above atmospheric pressure, the gas in the alveoli is self-excluded until it is equal to atmospheric pressure.

Hospital Ventilator Machine

2. The chest negative pressure will be placed in the patient's chest or the entire body in a closed container, the respiratory tract and the atmosphere. When the pressure in the container is lower than atmospheric pressure, the chest is pulled and expanded, the pressure in the alveoli is lower than atmospheric pressure, and the air enters the alveoli, which is the inspiratory period. When the pressure of the container is positive, the compression of the thorax is reduced and the pressure in the alveoli is increased. Above atmospheric pressure, the gas in the alveoli is excluded from the body and is in the expiratory phase. Because these ventilators have large volume and high power and low ventilation efficiency, they have been eliminated.

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