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Can Ventilator Help Sleep?

Jan. 29, 2021

As an Air Compressor ICU Ventilator Exporter, share with you.

The ventilator helps you solve the problems that arise during sleep. For poor sleep, do people often feel that they cannot fall asleep at night or wake up during the day. If you fall asleep, you feel like you're half asleep and half awake, or you're in a dream all night. Over a long period of time, it will cause lack of energy for work and study, decreased memory, and inability to concentrate. A friend said that he couldn't sleep well for a long time and often woke up at night. One day when he crossed the road, he actually regarded the red light as a green light. Fortunately, his colleague was by his side, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. The main working principle of the sleep ventilator is that when it is delivered through a nasal mask, positive pressure is generated in the upper airway, so the collapsed area of the upper airway is opened by the airflow. Make breathing smooth. Better breathing, better sleep.

ICU Ventilator

ICU Ventilator

The reason why people sleep poorly is related to the various functions of the body in good work. Sleep ventilator changes various discomforts in the human body according to these conditions, so that it no longer interferes with our sleep process. For the ventilator for the treatment of various systems, ventilation is first of all the respiratory system. A large part of the cause of the respiratory system is the increase in blood oxygen during the day, the decrease in CO2, and the decrease in pulmonary artery pressure. Contraction of respiratory muscles. The second is for the cardiovascular system to correct arrhythmias and hypertension related to osa, increase cardiac ejection, improve myocardial blood supply, enhance right heart function, make people fall asleep faster, and reduce the mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases. . For the digestive system, there are often shoes with poor gastrointestinal conditions. The ventilator can reduce the number of refluxes and improve symptoms at night when the digestive system is at rest. At the same time, it can also reduce the number of times the patient urinates at night, and can wake up naturally after sleeping.

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