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New product:CO2 absorber DP302A launch into the market

Oct. 12, 2019

 Model: DP302A Product Name: CO2 Absorber

  Other name:Anesthesia machine Absorber system,anaesthesia machine CO2 breathing system

  Dolphinsmed new CO2 Absorber provides advanced levels of integration function with modern design, especially applied onto anesthesia machine for patient breathing system.

  •   Special design for adult or pediatric&infant bellows, a bellow in the upper part and a CO2 absorber for the soda-lime holding of a capacity of maximum 1.8L

  •   Material: 138 degrees autoclavable

  •   Bag / Vent control interface provides automatic ventilation mode switching.

  •   Integrated airway flow sensors.

  •   Ergonomic breathing bag arm.

  •   APL (adjustable pressure limiting) valv

  •   Bellow with rubber parts and acrylic 138 degrees autoclavable

  •   Ascending bellows prevent air from being drawn into the breathing system in the event of leakage. Capacity up to 1500ml, suitable for adults, infants.

  The CO2 absorber include Inspiration interface, Inspiration air valve,Gas circuit pressure gauge, Semi-closed safety valve, Expiration air valve Manual / Mechanical control, Manual leather bag interface, Expiration interface , Soda lime canister, Detent

  Fresh gas inlet, Entrance of mechanical control, Oxygen sensor interface。Airway pressure sampling connector, oxygen sensor connector

CO2 Absorber