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Dolphinmed assisted University of Science and Technology Beijing in completing the experimental work of intracranial pressure

May. 07, 2024

Dolphinmed veterinary anesthesia machine DA1200V9 is like a highly skilled guardian, building a solid safety barrier for the animals in experiments with its excellent performance. With its high efficiency, safety and stability, this anesthesia machine has demonstrated unparalleled reliability in every respiratory anesthesia process.

While ensuring experimental safety, DA1200V9 also greatly improves experimental efficiency. It reduces experimental interruptions and delays caused by improper anesthesia, making the experimental process smoother and more efficient. It is precisely with such a capable assistant that researchers can focus more on the experiment itself and continue to explore the mysteries of science.

All in all, Dolphinmed DA1200V9 has become an indispensable member of the laboratory with its excellent performance and reliable performance. It protects the lives and safety of animals and helps scientific researchers move forward bravely on the road of exploration.